Our Local And International Partners

1-pic_hdMurfei International Company is the head Institution which have sub-branches of many Factories, Educational Centres and International Trade Companies, Online Marketing Company and Medical Society.

The headquarter is based in the famous Nanjing City, China. Murfei International is becoming a world leading company by exporting one of its main product worldwide; the EVA film Interlayer.

Murfei International is expanding in more and more countries worldwide. We are open for cooperation. Would you like to cooperate with us, you are welcomed to contact our service department.(Contact Us)

education-centres-logoYin Shang Educational Centre is a branch of Murfei International. It has the responsibility to form and prepare student who are willing to go abroad (UK,USA).

The Educational Centres form the student academically and mentally to be able to adapt to the foreign cultures. Students are taught English and Science subjects by highly qualified teachers .

Once the students are ready, they can go abroad for further studies.

Tx EVA FILM is another major branch of Murfei International Group. Since 2006, TX EVA FILM has been producing EVA films, which are being used as the middle layer in the production of laminated glasses; the company has also focused on research along with production and promotion.

The Company also is involved in foreign trade mainly in Europe, Africa and America. We are now expanding our exports to more countries.